08/08/15 Paula Maier's Healthy Living Eating/Exercise Journal: Wednesday

by Paula (Clean Eating Expert) 9. August 2015 15:53


Over the counter pain killers like aspirin and ibuprofen may reduce the effectiveness of some anti-depressants. "Common over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen may reduce the effectiveness of antidepressants called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, according to a mouse and human study from The Rockefeller University" states Steven Reinberg. They are not sure why this happens, but all patients should be aware of this possibility and contact their doctor or therapy alternatives available.

"In one study, we found that anyone who reported use of an anti-inflammatory or analgesic agent had a much poorer treatment outcome compared to people who didn't report any use of NSAIDs," said study lead author Jennifer Warner-Schmidt.

This raises the particular concern for those on anti-depressants, but also brings rise to the issue for all patients about drug-interactions with medications. Similar to this problem is that some antibiotics can make birth control ineffective.

Check with a trusted pharmacist if you are taking any medications when using over-the-counter medications. It may seem trivial (that it’s just Advil…), but the repercussions can be more serious.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Wednesday 08/08/12- Workout Diary

Pure Barre class- 55 minutes

Weight train- biceps

Bicep Curl-15lb

Weighted ball arm extension- 8lb ball

Concentrated curl-20lb.

Bicep extension ( arms facing out slightly to the sides) 1 tube

Bicep Row- 15 lb bar

Food Diary 08/08/12 - Wednesday


Organic steel cut oats(150 cal.)

1/8 cup blackberries, blueberries (30 cal)

whey protein shake (125 cal)

A.M. Snack-

1 cup cooked quinoa, mixed with frozen peas, 1/2 tsp lemon zest, 1 tbls pesto(183 cal)

1 apple (57 cal)


3.5 oz salmon (180 cal)

Salad-8 oz greens: organic spinach, sweet pepper, yellow squash (90 cal)

2 tbl sunflower seeds, no salt (80 cal)

P.M. Snack-

apple (57 cal)


2X2 square of homemade mushroom, butternut squash lasagna made with whole wheat noodles, low- fat rictta, low-fat mozzarella and non-fat feta (360 cal)

1/2 cup spaghetti squash, sprinkle asiago cheese (65 cal)

1 cup wilted spinach (45 cal)


1/2 piece birthday cake for my sons 11th birthday (160 cal)


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